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Establishing of BreakingThrough.org

2013, the start of a new year. Fortunately, the Mayans’ prediction as we know it was incorrect and we can move on with our lives.  However, was 2012 a year of triumph? Unemployment rates are higher than hoped, and even among the employed job satisfaction and engagement is questioned.  The fluctuations and the possible reasons behind them can be seen in a 2012 report done by the Society of Human Resource Management:


The mission of Breaking Through is to engage those looking for help and advice with information and resources to overcome life’s obstacles.  Whether battling the pitfalls of unemployment, feeling limited by glass ceilings, or struggling to elevate past stereotypes and discrimination, we hope to Break Through any challenges we are aware of with educated and informed approaches.

By no means is this an institution heeding the best solutions or advice, but it will be a one shop stop for individuals trying to become proactive in many aspects of their lives and careers.





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Breaking Through

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