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It’s Offensive… And Not Because I’m Sensitive

It’s Offensive… And Not Because I’m Sensitive Unfortunately, this entry is inspired by the comments on the article following the recently publicized events on the Syracuse University campus (http://dailyorange.com/2013/02/eight-students-arrested-outside-on-schine-student-center-early-sunday-morning/) and an article I read this morning about an Asian-Themed Party hosted by the Kappa Sigma Chapter at Duke University. Here is the message sent out … Continue reading

Why Didn’t I Get a Callback After a Great Interview?

Why Didn’t I Get a Callback After a Great Interview? Good article offering insight to why you may have been called back after your interview. (Via Doostang)

Establishing of BreakingThrough.org

2013, the start of a new year. Fortunately, the Mayans’ prediction as we know it was incorrect and we can move on with our lives. ¬†However, was 2012 a year of triumph? Unemployment rates are higher than hoped, and even among the employed job satisfaction and engagement is questioned. ¬†The fluctuations and the possible reasons … Continue reading


Breaking Through

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